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The pulp is found in the centre of the tooth and in canals (called root canals) inside the root of each tooth. root canal treatment in viman nagar. Pulp includes connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels. Pulp nourishes the tooth when it first emerges through the gum. Once the tooth matures, the pulp can be removed without destroying the tooth. That’s because each tooth also is nourished by a blood supply in the gums. Removing the pulp is called endodontic treatment, but it is often referred to as root canal treatment or root canal therapy. In root canal treatment viman nagar Pune many people refer to pulp removal as “having a root canal.” Root canal treatments are quite common. The aim of the treatment is to remove irreversibly inflamed pulp tissue before infection sets in. If the pulp tissue becomes infected, caused by bacteria from inside the tooth, the infection can leak out of the tooth’s root and make the surrounding bone ill and painful or cause an abscess to form. Once the diseased pulp tissues are removed, the body’s defence system can then repair the damage created by disease. The tooth will then be filled with sealing material and a temporary filling will be placed. After the dentist is satisfied that the infection has been removed, a permanent crown or filling will be used to seal and support the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Why you need Root Canal Treatment?

    root canal treatment in viman nagar
  • If you have an infection of the pulp, you may not feel any pain at first. But if it is not treated, the infection will cause pain and swelling. In some cases, an abscess will form.
    Your tooth might need a root canal if:
  • It hurts/pain when you bite down on it, touch it or push on it
  • It is sensitive to heat
  • It is sensitive to cold for more than a couple of seconds
  • There is swelling near the tooth
  • It is discolored (whether it hurts or not) It is broken

Root canal treatment viman nagar Pune is an attempt to save the badly decayed, infected tooth.There are basically following steps to doing root canal treatment.

Steps For Root Canal Treatment:

  1. Consultation for Root Canal treatment and x-ray of tooth/teeth. Medicines may be prescribed.
    2. Removal of infection, cleaning and shaping the canals from tooth under the local anaesthesia.
    3. Filling the biocompatible material into clean root canal space.
    4. Sealing with biocompatible material; either silver or tooth colour one.
    5. Capping (crown) the tooth to prevent fracture of tooth in future. Cap may be metallic or ceramometal or all ceramic (See crown and bridge)
    6. If the tooth is badly decayed one more step of post and core may be required to build up the tooth structure for better cap or crown fixation.

Time Taken- For root canal treatment: For Root canal treatment viman nagar Pune can be done in one or more visits. It depends on the situation. An uncomplicated root canal treatment often can be completed in one visit. Some teeth may be more difficult to treat because of where they are in the mouth. Some teeth have more roots than other teeth. Treating a tooth with many roots takes longer. Some teeth have curved root canals that are difficult to find. If you have an infection, you will visit the dentist several times so that we can make sure that the infection is gone.

For capping or Crown: 2-4 visits in 4-15 days (depend on the type of crown; See Crown and Bridge)

Smile Care Centre is specialize in Root Canal Treatment because:

  1. Experienced Root Canal Specialist
  2. Imported filling and materials and state of art equipment
  3. Usually done in a single visit
  4. More or less Painless because of anaesthesia
  5. Proper sterilization of instruments
  6. Affordable Cost
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