Dental implant treatment in viman nagar

dental implant treatment in viman nagar


Why to do dental implant treatment in viman nagar

Dental implants are easily the most popular and also the ideal solution, for replacing your missing tooth/teeth. They have definitely changed the course of dentistry in the last quarter of a century or so.

A dental implant is basically a titanium post which is surgically inserted into the jawbone beneath the gum line to work as a tooth root. Post insertion, an implantologist will attach a crown on top of the implant to ensure the appearance of a natural tooth.

Smile Dental Care Dental Implant treatment in viman nagar

 e can face the problem of missing teeth at any point in life. Tooth loss can be due to trauma, accident, severe gum disease, tooth decay or even due to poor oral hygiene. If left untreated missing teeth can lead to various consequences such as:

Speech problems resulting from the gap created by one or more missing teeth
Difficulty in chewing Face may start look older and wrinkled with sunken cheeks as missing teeth can cause sagging of muscles which can’t support lips & cheeks
Pain in the facial muscles of the jaw resulting in an improper bite induced by the missing teeth
Tooth decay and gum disease, over time, due to plaque accumulation & food entrapment in the gap caused by the missing teeth
Improper bite resulting from a tilt of adjacent teeth into the empty spaces caused by a missing tooth

Untreated missing teeth may dent the facial appearance causing low set-esteem or lack of confidence
Hiding smile during conversations or at public gatherings to avoid the embarrassment caused by a bad smile from missing teeth
Dental Implants help to overcome all the above-mentioned problems.

They are no doubt the best, and most popular solution for the replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants are fit for every individual having missing teeth irrespective of their age and gender. To know if anyone can get dental implants click here. dental implant treatment in viman nagar

With a 98% success rate, implants assure dental patients about their teeth and gum’s wellbeing.
Dental Implants are essentially a ‘titanium screw’ which is fused with the Jaw Bone.


Dental Implants help restore the lost tooth and become the next best thing to your natural teeth
Implants are a durable solution with the potential to even outlive the patient
Dental Implants help maintain the shape and contour of face & smile which can go wrong due to missing teeth making the facial muscles sag
Implants don’t harm the adjacent tooth structure in any manner and protect healthy bone
Implants ensure superior appearance and comfort with no speech issue to deal
Implants boost your self-esteem for being a perfect solution to the missing tooth
Implants give the freedom to enjoy your favourite foods without any worry dental implant treatment in viman nagar


Thanks to the modern dentistry techniques, it’s possible to make the implant placement procedure comfortable and pain-free. Concerned patients can also ask the dentist for sedation to feel relaxed while a dental implant is placed.

The procedure starts with the jawbone preparation, and the surgeon then makes a cut to expose the bone for drilling holes. The holes are kept deep enough for the implant to be placed properly and placed deep into the bone, like the root.

The doctor may require bone grafting in cases where the bone is weak or lacks the strength to support implant surgery. The surgeon then waits for the jawbone to heal and after that, places the metal post in it.

The entire process, from start to finish, may take many months where most of the time is spent on healing and waiting for the growth of new bone in the jaw. dental implant treatment in viman nagar

After this, a temporary crown is given to the patient which is placed to fill the gap, and also for achieving the aesthetic goal. This crown can be taken off for implant procedure, one has to wait until the bone is healed properly


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Dental implants are easily the most popular and also the ideal solution, for replacing your missing tooth/teeth.

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